242 reviews

01 July

Maria F, Norway

Great taste!

01 July

Lise O, Sweden

Works :-)

01 July

Katrine E, Denmark

Love it

01 July

Emilie H, Sweden

My first impression is very good! They taste good and give results.

01 July

Katrine E, Sweden

Love it!

01 July

Asta B, Norway

I have used Chewbear for my hair for almost 4 months and I can definitely notice a difference in my hair. It is less oily, softer and grows faster. Very happy with me results and would recommend to others!

18 June

Ida T, Norway

A really super product! Makes me tan faster🙂

04 June

Iryna S, Denmark


04 June

Ane H, Norway

Friends compliment me on my hair volume

03 June

Sara G, Norway

Very very pleased!

03 June

Kaja M, Denmark

Good taste and easy to chew! Very happy with the delivery as well.

14 May

Elise A, Sweden

I love them 💎❤

14 May

Emilie B, Norway


10 May

Rebekka B, Denmark

They tasted really good! Very soft and nice, looking forward to seeing results 😄😍

10 May

Madeleine G, Denmark

Very very satisfied

10 May

Elena K, Denmark

Works and tasts good

10 May

Romualda M, Denmark

Works for me🙂

10 May

Markus W, Denmark

Just super

24 August


Im addicted!🤩 My hair was dry and strained before I started taking the gummies❤️

15 May

Sophie Bull

Slowly gave me good results and tastes as good as candy

14 May

Jazeyanie Wong

It’s so yummyyyy. Can’t wait for results. 😍

25 April


Satisfied! Swift delivery and good taste 👅👅 finally fun to take your vitamins!💆‍♀️💆‍♀️

25 April


A friend recommended me the bears!! They taste amazing! 🐻 Looking forward to see the results! 🎉

24 April

Ingrid Kanebog Hansen


23 March


My daugther loves them

15 March


Finally a product that tastes good! Chewbear Hair is very upfront about what the product contains and I am very happy with the results.

08 March


Very tasty bears :)

08 March


A fantastic product

08 March


The taste is as good as candy

08 March


It just works :-)

08 March


Thank you! Really tasty

22 February


These gummies taste amazing!!!